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Long Covid & the reactivation of Lyme disease and co-infections.

Long Covid is what I believe to be a term to best describe people who have either had the infection or medication that “prevents” it, trigger a systemic immune response that lasts longer than the infection was active in the system for. It provokes the immune response because I believe it activates prior infections one was battling or one had dormant. I believe Long Covid is just another way to say, chronic illness. In March 2020, I was working at a functional medicine primary care and oncology practice. I loved working there and loved all the patients I would get to know on a daily basis. Being able to sit with them during their cancer treatments and talk about their lives brought me so much joy. But soon everything would change. I sadly contracted Covid while working and little did I know I would be fighting one of the greatest wars of my lifetime. 

In 2014, I was diagnosed with Lyme disease and co-infections. I spent years figuring out what was wrong with my health and then even after diagnosis I spent years on treatment and fighting the awful disease. By the grace of God I went into remission in 2017. I was able to begin my life. I was finally able to do more and accomplish more and be more. I was set on my purpose and passion path to becoming a doctor and becoming the best resource for other people’s healing. I spent years working on my health and learning everything I could about various autoimmune conditions, infections, and other barriers to one’s healing. I became certified in Integrative Health Coaching and earned my Bachelor’s of Science degree in Integrative Medicine. All that was left was finishing my Organic Chemistry labs and applying to medical schools. 

long covid

When I contracted Covid, I immediately felt like I was back in 2014 fighting Lyme. The way it manifested and attacked my body was similar but different. I knew it was a powerful agent due to how it attacked all organ systems in my body while I had it active, and even more so while I was in recovery from it. 

During my recovery from Covid, I met a wonderful soul, Morgana. She asked me to take part in her documentary about Covid survivors. I knew I had to do it so others could hear my story and not feel alone, especially since more and more people were becoming sick with “long covid.” I knew right away it was a deadly agent that awoke previous diseases that became managed inside of me, and now I know it also awakened previous infections too. 

Even though I am currently back in Lyme treatment along with treating Bartonella and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever, I know I am supposed to share my story, so others will know what is going on with their bodies too. My incredible doctor, Dr Shikhman, MD, was also interviewed and gave some insight into his findings about Long Covid and previous infections being reactivated. 

If you have been struggling with your health in long covid, since having the virus or even taking the medication to “prevent” it, please watch this video and know you are not alone. Both these agents have attacked many people, targeting their immune systems. It is so important to become aware and educated about your health, because once you are, you have the power to make change. You have the power to advocate for your health and begin your healing journey. 

Below is my story with long covid. This is just one of the many stories of thousands of people, that have had this pandemic change their lives. It is my hope that my story will give you awareness and also hope that we can overcome both Long Covid and Lyme and co- infections. 


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