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This year is a year focused on healing. Healing my mind, body, and spirit. In January of 2022, I received news that my Lyme Disease, Bartonella, and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever Infections had been reactivated post having Covid infection. I spent the past two years watching my health decline rapidly. So, a part of me was so relieved to know why it was declining again, but the other part of me immediately became fearful and anxious of knowing what I would be going through in order to heal again. In 2014, I was diagnosed with Lyme and co-infections. Honestly, it was rather traumatic experiencing the treatment for those. I still am processing those times to this day, as well as working on healing my mind from the trauma. I definitely began experiencing a bit of PTSD from illness trauma this year and I knew I would need to strengthen my mind, body, and spirit in order to beat this flare episode. I want to share my journey through healing more in depth this time and offer support, encouragement, and resources for others who are also experiencing similar circumstances. 

This year in February, I began treating the flares from all my autoimmune diseases and also Epstein Barr Virus. Covid not only reactivated my tick infections but it also flared every disease I had been diagnosed prior to the pandemic with. I knew the last cycle of treatment (2014-2017), I had overloaded my body with various medications, supplements, detox methods, and treatments that I ended up in the hospital consistently and bed ridden. I knew I needed to approach it differently this time, even if it meant knowing it may be longer in time treating it. I do however believe anything is possible, and healing is possible, so my mindset geared towards this cycle of treatment is strengthened in knowing God is my healer, and everything I am doing for my health, and every conscious choice I make for my healing, will contribute to my ultimate wellness and healing. I decided for this treatment cycle, I would begin slowly and listen to my body more in how it responds and accepts different things. That is one way I was able to go into remission last time. By listening to my body and learning what it needs in every aspect. Because our bodies are very intelligent, they know what we need even before we consciously do. 

Phase 1 of my treatment for Long Covid issues + tick Infections + flared autoimmune issues began the week of Valentine’s Day. I started with High Dose Vitamin C Iv infusions for Long C, and EBV and Iv fluids for my POTS syndrome. I tried high dose vitamin C a few times, but unfortunately, because my Type 1 Diabetes has been out of control and more difficult to manage, I had to stop. As vitamin C iv raises blood sugars very quickly. I stayed consistent with my weekly IV fluids to help with my hypotension (low blood pressure) and POTS symptoms. This treatment I am still doing and love.

In February I also began 2 different supplements to help fight off the EBV flare and also raise my immune system’s ability to fight off infections. I tried NAC (N-acetylcysteine) which helps with lung damage from C infection, as well as support therapy for aiding in antioxidants and immune function. Unfortunately, NAC caused me to go into an abnormal heart rhythm and experience bradycardia episodes where my heart rate became slow. I had never experienced this before so I stopped using it in March. I did however begin a second supplement called, Aged Garlic. This has settled really well with my body and has helped build and repair my immune system. Aged garlic supports numerous organ functions and helps aid in fighting off infections. Because it is a very large amount of garlic extract that I am ingesting daily, I found a hack to settle it well in my stomach and make for a tasty meal. Previous cycle of Lyme treatment, I was not able to eat night shades, including potatoes. I was very sensitive to every food, and finally in remission I was able to re-introduce different types of potatoes back into my diet, and even french fries occasionally!!! 

Thankfully, I am still able to tolerate potatoes and because of this, I found that eating a potato daily with the aged garlic extract really helps settle it into my digestion. My diet is vegan, gluten free, and sugar free (besides naturally occurring sugars from fruits, etc). I do not eat processed, GMO, or toxic foods. My diet is very clean, organic, and purified, to reduce the toxic load from the environmental toxins. I also am very conscious about plastic, foil, and aluminum. While they can’t always be completely avoided, I have significantly reduced the consumption of foods in those toxic substances, which I am so proud of myself in doing so. The water I drink is reverse osmosis water. I go weekly to the local organic grocery store to fill up my glass water jugs with purified water. I also have started growing my own organic vegetables and herbs, and absolutely love it! This has definitely added many nutrients into my diet by keeping it fresh with no harsh chemicals. 

And lastly, the main treatment I have been doing since March, Ozone Iv therapy. This has been one of my favorite treatments so far. While it makes me herx and detox heavily, it also has reduced severity of numerous symptoms. I believe this treatment is promoting much healing in my body and I am excited and grateful that I have access to it in California. 

I am also doing ozone slowly as my body can only tolerate so much strength in the ozone. 

The last 4 months of treatment has been a slow progression into a new lifestyle. I just re-tested my infections and will receive my blood results over the course of the next month. For the month of June, I will continue to do what I have been doing and at the end of the month, I will be seeing my specialist again to create a Phase 2 treatment plan. In addition to everything I am currently doing, we will be adding more aggressive therapies as well. Now that the infections have woken up and been stirred by the treatments, it is time to increase die off from it by becoming more aggressive. 

Even though I am incredibly terrified of this stage, I know it has to happen in order to get to the other side of disease….which is healing, remission, health, and optimal wellness. 

I will be sharing more in depth what else I have been doing, but here is an insight into my roadmap of what has occurred recently. 

I know God is with me every step of the way through healing, and that gives me the peace I need, the strength I need, and the courage I need to continue forward. Hold on tight to God and your faith, for that is what will be the strongest anchor in your journey through chronic illness and disease.

For more information on my journey and all the diseases mentioned above, please visit my YouTube Channel, Instagram, and Tik Tok all found at this link:

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