Healing our minds to reflect victorious & heavenly thinking



Healing our bodies to honor and pursue our passions and purpose



Healing our spirits in order to flourish and cultivate a deeper intimacy with our Creator


Let us walk beside one another on this transformation journey of healing one’s mind, body and spirit from the brokenness that suffering disease produces, to a life of purpose and to a mind, a body, a spirit, and a heart that BLOOMS. Let us be fruitful in the way we live and treat others around us. Let us spread God’s love and light to hearts that have given up hope. Let us be rooted in the foundation of spiritual maturity and love. Let us express words of encouragement, and power into lives of others. And let us always remember who we are and whose we are.

Healing the Mind: I help beautiful souls battling chronic illness heal their minds from blockages acquired from toxic thinking patterns, trauma induced thinking, depression, and anxiety. I share tools that have helped me overcome the darkest days battling illness. I come alongside your journey and offer you the encouragement, hope, and compassion that you need in order to overcome the mental barriers that hold you back from healing.
Healing the Body: I help beautiful souls battling chronic illness overcome physical challenges and symptoms that prevent them from living out their desires and purpose. I help in teaching ways to manage chronic symptoms, pain, and barriers. There is hope for remission, symptom management, and healing. I provide the resources that will help improve your quality of life. Healing the body from disease takes time, and is an up and down journey that now won’t be faced alone any longer.
Healing the Spirit: I help beautiful souls battling chronic illness heal their spirit. I help them separate their identity from disease, and focus on their authentic selves. I offer resources and tools in cultivating a deeper relationship with God and learning how to establish an atmosphere for healing and miracles. I help offer guidance in discovering purpose through pain and restoring brokenness into hope. I help in teaching FAITH over fear in healing.

Phase 1 of Healing Lyme & Long Covid

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This year is a year focused on healing. Healing my mind, body, and spirit. In January of 2022, I received news that my Lyme Disease, Bartonella, and Rocky Mountain Spotted…
long covid

Long Covid & the reactivation of Lyme disease and co-infections

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Long Covid & the reactivation of Lyme disease and co-infections. Long Covid is what I believe to be a term to best describe people who have either had the infection…