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The beautiful thing about beginning a brand new year is that it’s a blank slate to create a masterpiece. I like to view my life as a novel. Each year is a chapter being written daily. And looking back at the chapter of 2018, I feel an overwhelming sense of gratitude for what I experienced and learned. 2018 had its challenging moments, but overall it was an incredible life changing year for me. One that I will forever be grateful for. The things that were meant to break me down, ended up waking me up and revealing to me blockages that were preventing me from becoming the best version of myself. 2018 was a pivotal year for my transformative growth. I feel the challenges I faced only made me stronger and more resilient.

It’s taken me 27 years to be able to learn how to truly let go and let life flow. This was the hardest lesson I had to learn. Being able to gain the skill in letting go of the things that I want for my life, but are no longer existent, has been a difficult skill to obtain. But once it’s obtained, your soul feels peace knowing that what comes in your life is meant to come at the time it comes, and if it leaves, then let it leave. The truth that anything is possible still rings true, and I am strengthening in my belief that what is for me will be in my life, no matter what challenge life brings. This goes for anything. The key to letting go and letting life flow is releasing the attachments you make to people, things, and circumstances. The one inevitable law of life is that nothing stays the same. Everything changes constantly. Being able to release the heavy burden that can keep you chained to the grief, the loss, the guilt, the shame, the regret, and the past, is miraculous. The tragedy is knowing that there are people who never let go and hold onto what brings their heart pain, so they move forward in the flow of pain, and suffering, which then produces a life they were never created for in the first place. Realizing this when I was buried deep in my grief last year helped me change my perspective and pursue active healing. Healing that would help propel me into the freedom that God wanted for me. There will always be grief, death, and loss. It is inevitable, just like change is. Because it is a burden that this life offers. But knowing this, will help free you when the grief can overwhelm you and burry you so deeply.

2018 taught me so much that I needed to know about who God is, who other are, and who I am. The obstacles I faced in 2018 engrained in me valuable lessons that will produce beauty and abundance in 2019. As to which I will be sharing throughout the year on my blog. One of the positives of going through bizarre life challenges is gaining wisdom and knowledge so that I can help and encourage others who find themselves in similar situations. I am excited to grow this platform that God blessed me with, and see it flourish into something impactful and meaningful and purposeful. It’s my heart’s desire to want to make a positive difference in the world, and in the lives that I come across.

With that being said, goodbye 2018, thank you for teaching me everything I needed to learn at this stage in my life. And hello 2019, thank you for the opportunity to live this year better than I lived the year before. And to close out, I want to leave you all with a New Year’s prayer, from my heart to yours.


I pray that this year is your year of purposeful change.

I pray that this year you find the love you have been seeking.

I pray you learn more about the beautiful masterpiece that is you.

I pray you find courage to take the steps needed to make the changes that you desire.

I pray you forgive those who have wronged you, and that you forgive yourself, so you

can live in the freedom that is meant to be yours.

I pray that you deepen your trust with others, with yourself and with God.

I pray that you overcome every fear that is holding you back from experiencing the

Fullness that this life has to offer you.

I pray that you heal emotionally, spiritually, mentally, and physically.

I pray this year is transforming and unforgettable.

I pray all this in Jesus name, amen. <3

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