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The phone alarm rings, and I hit snooze, not once, not twice, but three times. Working and going to school has helped me learn the importance of conserving my energy. I have also learned the value of where I put my energy. Knowing my time is valuable and how I spend my time is irreplaceable. Because of this knowledge, and the desire to perform at my best, I have tested different healthy habits, to go from hitting the snooze alarm, to waking up before my alarm sounds.

Each individual is unique in their health. What works for one individual, may not work for another. It is about stepping outside of one’s comfort zone to become one’s best version of themselves, and even improve one’s health and quality of life at the same time. The tips I have found to hold great value in improving my life significantly are incorporating a morning routine and a night routine.

How we begin our day is the most important action we take, because it determines the quality of the entire day. If we begin our day rushed, or stressed, we feel tense, anxious, which leads to not performing well. Rather, if we begin our day being aware of our first waking thoughts, we can alter the course of the day. Our bodies naturally were designed to function with the sunrise and sunset cycle. Our circadian rhythm is most affected by the day and night cycle. Knowing this, it benefits one to wake up near the sunrise. Feeling the sun on our skin, when we first wake up, helps balance our cortisol levels, which then in return helps balance our hormones and energy levels. It is also beneficial to have a morning tea, as it helps with digestion and detoxing. Beginning the morning with light stretching or yoga helps the body become less stiff from sleeping for 7 hours. Also, having a full nutrient dense breakfast in the morning helps build essential levels of energy as carbs are broken and used as our energy. A breakfast should contain a balance of healthy carbs, such as fruit, or grains, healthy fats, protein, and greens. An example could include: avocado toast with hemp seeds, chickpeas, sprouts, tomato, and seasoning. With a serving of blueberries, and almonds and a juiced greens drink. Incorporating a light type of fitness routine also will help raise your energy levels and wake up the brain activity levels.

Another helpful tip is establishing a night routine with healthy habits. These may include, limiting electronics before bed and replace with reading or spending time with family. A relaxing bath with essential oils and Epsom salt to calm the body and restore it from the long day. Making sure one does not eat right before they fall asleep, also helps with metabolism and the breakdown of food and toxin process. Making sure one gets a full night of sleep is vital to one’s healing process. Our cells heal and repair at night while we sleep, it is important to value sleep and establish a sleep routine.

These are only a few helpful tips, but they have proved significant change in many people’s lives, including my own. Making sure one lives a healthy and balanced lifestyle is vital to one’s overall wellbeing.

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