The healing power of affirmations

During my chronic illness healing journey, the past ten years, I have learned many tools that contribute to healing our minds, bodies, and spirits, and one of them is affirmations. 

Affirmations, declarations of faith, mirroring statements, etc. all equate to the same type of healing practice; which is, the journey to loving yourself and seeing yourself as the person you truly are. Affirmations helps us see ourselves in a unique and healing perspective. 

I’ve struggled in the past with people pleasing and worrying about how others saw me, and if I was contributing enough goodness to their lives. This made my ability to view myself directly proportional to how others viewed me, which then in turn lowered myself confidence and self-worth. Because of this, I suffered in always taking the negative word over the truth of who I actually am, and not how toxic people view me. 

The practice of affirmations began when I discovered the books written by, Louise Hay. She altered my view on developing self-confidence and self-worth. In turn, this actually helped me break blockages that were preventing me from healing deep core wounds within myself. Because of learning the practice of affirmations in my own life, I have now seen how powerful it truly is in transformation and growth. 

The Bible repeatedly says that what we speak is influential to our lives. Words that come out of our mouths are alive and can either enhance our life, or destroy it, by changing the way we perceive ourselves and our current conditions. 

I began my self-love journey the moment I became aware that developing chronic illnesses influenced the way I loved myself and perceived myself. It was honestly tragic looking back now on how much time was wasted not loving myself because of having chronic diseases. I still struggle with this, but am learning how to develop practices, tools, and habits that promote inner love, self-confidence, and self-worth. 

A few daily affirmations I declare over myself and my life are listed below. 

But, if you desire to learn more or save some of my affirmation designs for yourself, check out my Instagram @heartsinbloomhealth where I will be sharing healing affirmations that you can speak over your life that will rewire your brain into activating healing within your body, and life. 


I am healed

I am loved, valued, cherished, and thought of. 

I am worthy of goodness. 

I am worthy of being healthy.

I am worthy of being loved.

I am worthy of living the life I desire.

I am protected by God’s angels. 
I declare health and wellness over my body, in Jesus name.

I declare safety and balance, and positivity over my home, my life, and my relationships, in Jesus name.

I declare healing of my infirmities, in Jesus name. 

I am filled with thriving energy, and an abundance of joy. 

Blessings surround me daily. 

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