Uncluttering our minds


This past month of August, I allowed the negativity around me in situations, fears, behaviors of people to seep into my spirit. I allowed it inside of me because I was not positioned in a mindset of faith. I have faith in many areas of my life, but there a few areas where I am weaker in and let doubt slowly taint those areas. I began to slowly withdraw from my light due to the weight of the worries, anxieties, grief, fears, and shame I was feeling for certain situations. I felt my light was dimmed and flickering all month. I felt outside of myself and outside of alignment in my purpose. I felt overcome by the weight of the world and helpless at moments. Moments where I would just break down on the bathroom floor crying out the pain I was feeling inside of my soul. Part of this was emotions, traumas, wounds, I was processing and working on releasing. The other part of this was the spiritual warfare that attacked my thought life. The main target of the enemy is our minds. Which is the center of our lives. The source of our behaviors, patterns, choices, and outcomes. A truth is we can’t keep from the negative things happening all around us, for this is life, but what we can do is keep from carrying them inside of us to where it wages a war within our minds, hearts, and bodies. I grew up the most positive individual and it wasn’t until I lost my health and my previous life years ago that I was faced with the reality of what feeling pain and experiencing darkness was truly like. It was a culture shock to my pure and light filled heart and mind. I wasn’t prepared or taught how to gracefully flow through the traumas and pains of my life. I was walking through storm after storm, and the only thing I could grasp onto was my faith that I would be reunited with the light within me again. And I was. I had it inside of me all along. It was just dimmed, covered, tainted, by the fear, the pain, the shame, the guilt, the regret, the anxiety, the grief, the stress, the illness for a long time. But finally, during this dark storm that was attacking my mind, body, and spirit, and life, I grabbed ahold of the light and faith of God. And he carried me through, and he still carries me through when I get drowned by life’s incredible waves. God has always fought my battles, even when I felt like I was alone. God to this day still fights them, only if I surrender them to him first. I am human, I am nowhere near perfect. I suffer, I mess up, I remain longer in the heavier things, than what I should. But despite all of this, I am still loved. And to hold steady in that truth of God’s never failing and unconditional love and goodness, is life altering and transforming. God has a way out for us, even when it doesn’t feel like it. Our battles are already won. Anything that comes against us is no match for the power and majesty of God. When we hold onto everything heavy, it limits what God can do to relieve us. It limits what God has for us. It limits the abundance and blessings that are available to us. I allowed August to overcome me and knowing that a month was wasted in that perspective, is heartbreaking. But, moving forward into this new month of September, I am living with the intention of making peace a priority, and surrendering what I cannot control into the hands of God who is in control of all things beautiful and broken. Uncluttering our minds will automatically unclutter our hearts. And this makes us willing and open to receive all that God has for us, including everything we desire. Release the attachments to the uncertainties and attach yourself to the faith and hope in something greater, the promises, the truth, the love, the light, and the goodness of our creator.

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