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Transforming my mind through Vision Sunday 

When last year’s issues try to follow you into the new year, remember this….

Remember that the battle is already won. 

Remember that we have a powerful God that loves his children and paid the price for us to have the freedom to experience life aligned with our royal spiritual DNA. One of my favorite experiences through C3 church of San Diego, now called Awaken Church, is called Vision Sunday. Each individual is called to write their visions and dreams and what they are believing for in the new year onto a vision card. We also place individuals who are special to us that we dedicate praying for daily to witness miracles within their lives. Ending the year with Shredder Sunday is a powerful practice because it sets in motion the act of letting go the heavy burdens from the previous year into God’s hands and to walk forward into the new year with trust and faith that God will continue to produce transformation and a miraculous atmosphere. It then sets us up to receive Vision Sunday with open hearts and minds to fully embrace the beautiful visions and dreams that we have in our hearts. To the world, we may be limited, but with God, we are never limited. Anything is possible. What creates an atmosphere of miracles is the grounding belief that we are already worthy to receive abundance and favor from God’s empowering and unwavering love. 

Even though certain situations are still looming before me, I am learning how to release the heavy burden of them into God’s hands. I am doing everything I can on my end, and that’s all that I can do. God is the orchestrator of change through people’s hearts, and through situations. I’ve reached the point in my life many times where the act of surrender to God’s will, no matter how terrifying it is, is what I put my confidence in. Without my faith anchoring me in this life, I would have been so lost. But even through the seasons of dark valleys, God’s light pierces through, making a pathway for me to continue walking forward in. And for this, I am forever grateful. 

I’ve learned a valuable lesson through the many changes in my life, and that is, how I see things greatly influences how things become. Meaning, how I view circumstances will influence the way situations play out. Because my perception goes hand in hand with what I believe about the situation. And this is what causes me to make choices based on those beliefs, which can lead to lack or abundance. Going through so many different types of circumstances that have been so incredibly painful and heart wrenching has taught me that I need to change how I walk through them, by changing how I see them. I tried this new way of thinking and perceiving with a certain circumstance I have been going through the past month, and so far, no change has occurred, and it’s getting closer to the end point. Which is scary, because if nothing changes in this situation, it will cause a great deal of heartache within me, and chaos in my life. But even so, I have not given up on trying to find solutions, and with each door shut in my face, I still choose to keep believing that the battle is already won, and I am being led to the promise land of where I am supposed to be. I still choose to keep believing that God is going to come through for me. I will know soon enough.

But for now, I choose to believe in the visions that God has put in my heart for 2020. And through each challenge that will come fighting against each vision and dream this year, I will still choose to remain in belief that God’s got it. No matter the outcome.  

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