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Some may read this and think it’s far-fetched, but I fully believe something deeper has been going on with my health the past two months. Call it spiritual intuition, Holy Spirit wisdom, or even a God nudge, but there is a deeper meaning as to why my health took a gnarly turn out of nowhere. In April, I told my inner circle that the one thing I felt I needed to do because it was finally time was to begin my YouTube channel. It has always been a part of my larger plan to begin doing videos of valuable content to share with all of you, but I just knew it wasn’t the right time. I needed to be in a different place mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. I also had that tiny whisper of fear that said, “nobody is going to watch the videos, and nobody will care.” I kept feeling like something was missing. And as the days passed, people around me; strangers, loved ones, and even random signs began to give me confirmation that it is time. It is time to overcome that fear and step into my voice. It is time to help people further with my voice. As this was becoming more aware to me, I began planning my YouTube and all that was left was filming the videos. On the day I was supposed to film something so incredibly valuable and encouraging for Lyme awareness month, I came down with a 103-degree fever. I was so sick. Hours later, I found out it was strep throat. Two weeks later, I found out I had tonsillitis along with strep throat. It was so painful to talk, I had to legit write on notepads and tell my friends I could only speak for a few moments. Even though I had finished my antibiotics cycle, my throat was still in sharp pain where I couldn’t talk. Then in June, it flared up even worse where my tonsils were so big, I felt like I was being choked, and didn’t say one word for over a week. It is now July, and my voice is coming back, but not without pain still after talking for longer periods of time. I thought to myself why on earth is this happening? And why now? My health was fine, and then all of a sudden it took a turn and put something on hold that I knew I needed to do on May 1st. I then realized, oh, of course. I was right about to step further into my God calling and live in my purpose by helping others through my videos, and of course it was being attacked. Of course, the one thing I needed to make a YouTube video, was my voice. The one thing I was finally discovering and harnessing my power from, my voice. So, once I realized this I began to go to war and fight my heart out with anything and everything I could do. I’ve been on 3 cycles of antibiotics so far, plus 2 intense days of IV antibiotics, and still suffering through this issue. So, I dug deeper and read into my Louise Hay book, you can heal your life,and under tonsillitis for the reason why it manifests is; stifled creativity. Interesting. Because for months I had this plan of going into full bloom for my Hearts in Bloom, but for months, I got so carried away with work tasks, and school tasks, amongst other tasks, that I put Hearts in Bloom on the back burner. So, I find it interesting the day I was going to begin creating more content, is when one of my biggest tools was attacked. So, because of this, I began creating content that I could, with my blogs, and new IG posts that are coming soon, as well as continuing writing my book, and free eBooks, all soon to come. Once this began, I noticed a shift in finding strength in my voice again. Where I can talk a little more. I still have to rest my voice after a day’s talking, due to pain, but it’s beginning to heal. So, with diligent prayer, awareness of the attack, affirmations and shifting my mindset, and tuning into my creative side, my healing began.

My tip for you is when something random happens that changes the course of your life, stop and reflect on, why is this happening? What can this situation tell me? Is there something deeper to this that I missed? Getting to the root cause of a problem is what I love to do in my life, so then I know how to combat it correctly and strategically.

Simple, yet thought provoking. <3

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