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As this year of 2017 began, I experienced a burst of healing that poured into all aspects of my life. My strength, my energy, my symptoms were healing progressively. I was filled with a sense of confidence in my future. It was finally happening, minutes, to hours, to months to years of prayers were finally becoming answered. So, I booked a trip to Israel, signed up for Medical Assisting program to become certified so I could begin full time work again once treatment was over, and began to work out for the first time in years. It was thrilling and left me breathless but in a good way. I finally saw the potential my life could become. And then one day at the beginning of March, one month before my trip to Israel, my body took a 360 turn, like it was an outside influence trying to prevent me from healing. I ended up becoming sick with Diabetic Ketoacidosis the week of my trip and had to watch the planes fly into the sky as we drove off back to my treatment center. It was as if my heart dropped below my body and I was engulfed in a sea of despair. I felt my hopes, my dreams, my destiny begin to crumble right before my eyes. Doctors could not figure out what triggered the Ketoacidosis and the weird symptoms I was experiencing . I was back in square one, back to a place I thought I had left behind in January.

Two weeks into May, after my grieving period was over from the loss of the trip, I began Medical Assisting school, not knowing what my body would do, and if I could even tolerate going back to school again. Even though the previous month was filled with fear and uncertainty of my future, I felt it was necessary to respond with a bigger faith that would diminish what fear was trying to build up within my mind. I focused on my faith and hope in the power and capability of my God, rather than the fear of the unknown. I felt the health of my spirit was top priority, and because of this, the grieving ended and the rejoicing began. With each baby step I took, I made it back to my healing momentum, I praised God. Whether it be a simple five-hour school day being completed, to a train trip to visit my grandpa. With each step, I took, I praised God for his goodness and love that he was giving me. I rejoiced in the life that I was living, rather than fearing the life that could be. With this mindset and heart set, I was finding myself being restored little by little again, but in a much more powerful way. In the beginning of the year I had been given more energy to start walking more miles around the block, by the summer time, I was managing a full-time dog business, while doing two different schools, one on campus, and one online. The incredible strides of faith that I took during my time of grief and setback was what propelled me forward into the realm of healing and empowerment.

The more I went deeper in search of a closer relationship to Jesus, the better I heard the Holy Spirit’s guidance. For example, the past three years I had been having a deep intuition about going full vegan for my diet. I slowly cut out foods as they became quickly in tolerated. I cut out beef and dairy in 2014, and finally the last element, chicken, in June 2017. I took a leap of faith to see if my body was reacting to the chicken, like I had told my doctors numerous times before, and low and behold, after two weeks being vegan relief was experienced. So, I tried one chicken breast for dinner and I had severe gastrointestinal symptoms that I was experiencing daily for years. Meat, dairy and gluten are the triggers to my Inflammatory bowel responses. And with this knowledge, I became full vegan. And ever since this choice was made, my stomach has finally been healed. For years, I was getting nudged by the Holy Spirit to follow the instinct within me to go vegan, but because of the outside voices telling me not to, I had suffered for years, when I could have begun my healing. With that said, the deeper I became connected to God and his word, I began to strengthen my ability to hear his voice through the chaos of this world.

My main three issues that have been hindering me from healing have been my stomach problems, my hormones being imbalanced, and migraines. These three areas have been slowly being healed this summer, and I attribute all the healing to God. My stomach was healed through following an intuition, my hormones were healed after a prayer I had from Pastor Bill Johnson, and my migraines have been slowly lessening in the quantity of them each month due to faithfulness in daily prayer and communion time with my creator and father in heaven. I have been off treatment since June. My doctor took me off aggressive treatment this summer to give my body a rest from the chaos that happened earlier in the spring. So, all my healing has happened during this time of no medications. I still have maintenance treatments of natural remedies and IV fluids. But all forms of aggressive treatment have been stopped, and the fact that my body has been able to make headway is a miracle.

To touch lightly on the experience with Pastor Bill Johnson, after he prayed for healing and breakthrough over my body, 3 days passed and on the third day I had gotten my womanly visitor for the second time in two weeks, which has NEVER happened in the 26 years of my life. I was confused because it is abnormal for someone to get two periods, especially during the week of ovulation. But as the days passed, I noticed, my daily migraines of 6 months, were lessening, and that my cycle was changed. My hormones started to balance and certain symptoms that I would get on specific days of the month did not happen. I had been diagnosed with Endometriosis last year and with each month that passed, the cycles would become more painful, where herbs and pain medications could not fully take away my pain. But something shifted supernaturally, and I had a cycle where I took no herbs, and no pain medications and was able to endure the week.  It amazed me that within three days of his prayer over me, my body was healing from a disease that hindered me from living my life. This was surely a breakthrough that I felt was pivotal to my healing.

With that said, I want to encourage whoever is reading this that, healing is possible. Healing is tangible, if one truly believes and has the faith to overcome the obstacles that stand in their way, healing will be near. The grace of God touched my body and my life this summer, and for that, I am forever grateful and joyous. With each mountain, I have had to overcome, came a new stronger hope and faith that burned within my soul. To the ones who doubt faith, healing, and miracles, trust me when I say, anything is possible with a God who lives by the impossible. I may not be 100 percent healed from random symptoms that pop up here and there, but my body is farther into healing than it has ever been. God re-established a sense of normalcy for me this year. A sense of hope that my future is bright and beautiful. There will always be obstacles to face, and grief to overcome, but because of the past five years of challenges, God has taught me how to approach these obstacles with a faith that is bigger than anything I may face in this world. And because of this faith, my heart is in a state of constant joy.

To believe in a better future for yourself is a beautiful thing. Don’t let the fear of the unknown, and the fear of the problem prevent you from experiencing freedom in your beliefs.

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