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Standing in the presence of God in downtown Los Angeles.


Imagine you are standing amongst thousands of people who are completely living in the presence of the Holy Spirit and their presence is so joyous and healing. Imagine while standing amidst this crowd, you don’t feel alone. You actually feel like you belong there and that everything you had been carrying for so long just lifts off of you and you just stand in peace, soaking up the beauty of this crowd’s voice praising God. No negativity, no anger, no sadness, just complete peace in God’s glory. I would imagine this is a glimpse of what Heaven’s atmosphere would feel like. And the fact that I was able to feel this atmosphere the past few days at Bethel’s Heaven Come conference, is life changing. Standing there singing my heart out, while recovering from strep throat and tonsillitis, not caring about the illness I was battling, but focusing everything on the love I have for God, and the love God has for me, was life shifting.

Being at this conference made me realize where I have become stagnant and weaker in my faith. Being at this conference reminded me that I am a victor of this life, because God is with me every step of the way. Walking in victory, talking in victory, living in victory, and breathing in victory, because He is undefeated. This year is about realigning myself with who God created me to become. This year is about strengthening the weaker spots within me, so that I can carry out the calling on my life, and not get wrapped up in the troubles and storms of life along the way, but rather use those storms and challenges as fuel to become a brighter light for others. Attending this conference really brought clarity to me in what I need to do moving forward with my life. It brought clarity to where my focus has really been, and where it needs to be shifted to be. My faith has been on a journey of different types of seasons, and I feel being in this type of heavenly atmosphere with other holy spirit filled souls, revealed to me where I am at spiritually right now. I’ve been seeking a deeper faith. A more vulnerable and powerful faith the past year. And I feel I have much to learn, and more to grow in my spirituality. Which fuels my excitement. My spirituality is my top priority in my life and being able to grow into the best version of myself in every way, is something my soul desires for my life. Being able to fulfill the purpose and calling that God has bestowed upon my life is the reason why I fight so hard to overcome everything that comes my way. The past year, while breaking off old habits, and thought patterns and toxic beliefs, it has not only brought freedom and healing to my life, but also it’s brought up a lot of fears and insecurities and doubts within myself. And I realize because I am growing and creating anew for myself and my life, that this is an obvious challenge I will face, while doing the growth and healing work. In order to level up in my life, I must rise up to that level emotionally, mentally, physically, and spiritually. I left that conference different than when I entered it a few days ago. I truly believe immersing myself in the presence of God with many others truly brought healing and growth to me. It gave me perspective on where I need to be, go, and what I need to do. And to not fear what comes alongside of me while pursuing this purposeful path. It helped shift my perspective to focus more on God, rather than the earthly challenges and fears. There was a line in one of the songs from the conference, “fear shall not survive while I worship God.” This is absolute truth. In those moments where my focus was completely on God, fear melted away. I think the key is learning how to carry this heavenly mindset 24/7, not just in powerful events like this, but always. I have a story and I know God allowed me to live it, and overcome it, so I could share my story and help others who are suffering. This is the main reason why I am here. And knowing that one of my strongest challenges is sharing my vulnerable voice with others, just reveals to me that it’s going to be the tool that aligns me with God’s calling on my life. And even though it is scary, at the end of the day, I am not of this world. I am not here to please everyone. I am not here to make people feel comfortable, but to rather help them heal. God is healing me, so I can bring healing to others. And let me tell you, this is not easy. I wouldn’t be able to live my life, overcome obstacles, or anything without my faith in God. And even sometimes my belief can be in doubt, but yet God still loves me and shows me miracles consistently. He continues to awe and inspire me to believe, through what he reveals to my life. My focus has been at battle with small things, things of this world, things that yes, I think I want, but not always know that I need or don’t need. And being reminded of where I am currently at personally, it is refreshing to know, it’s okay to sometimes have to refocus my attention on God and my calling. It’s okay, I’m human. And God knows this. That is why he continually provides for me and gives me what I need. God’s goodness is everlasting and enduring, no matter what I do in my life. He loves me always, and knowing this truth, helps ground me in my identity in Him. I am God’s child, and that will never change, even if the world falls apart. His love endures forever. Standing in the presence of God in downtown Los Angeles was truly a life changing moment, that shifted the atmosphere of my life. Nothing will ever be the same again. In a good way. It’s time I step into my calling of becoming bolder, more courageous, and more on fire. Not sure what’s going to be produced from it, but I believe because it is out of love and good intention, only good can come from it. Only good ripple effects can be created. Everything is in the hands of God, and I am but a mere instrument of light and love, that he has given to this world. Re-shifting my focus: less of me, more of Him. More for him. More for others. The time has come. For I was created for this season in time, and it’s time I step up and over my fears that have been holding me back from doing so. God has given me the authority and power to overcome the things of this world, and I finally realized this truth to an even deeper extent.

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