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A major blockage we as premeds experience, and even non premeds as well, is the battle with the comparative timeline mindset. Being a nontraditional premed, I have been faced with comparing myself to my peers in regards to success and accomplishments. Growing up in a private school where my entire graduating class were basically geniuses’, it left me feeling the need to be an overachiever, even if it meant going against my own needs and path. I didn’t realize his faulty belief and need to constantly be an achiever, until I was forced to pause my life and focus only on healing in treatment. This by far, was one of the most challenging mindsets I had to overcome, in order for my healing to flow through me.

It took quite a few years to finally accept that my path was a different one from everyone I grew up with. It took life forcing me to pause to truly learn how to be grateful and live in acceptance of the circumstances I could not change, even though I wanted to so badly. This comparative mindset was one of the major things that was holding me back from actually achieving greatness. I was constantly focused on others’ journeys, that I had neglected my own. That I had forgotten about my legacy that I would make on this world. When I became aware of this, I began to shift my focus on the greater impact that I would leave in this world and made choices that reflected that. When I surrendered to the flow of life; opportunities, achievements, and blessings began to pour in. The pathway to my destiny became clearer. It was the release of not being in control that helped adjust my life.

There are still times where I feel the panic that I am behind everyone and will become a doctor when I have grey hair, but in those moments, I ground myself in awareness and cultivate peace that I am where I am supposed to be in this moment in time, and I indulge in the freedom that I will reach my destination at the moment I am supposed to, not a moment earlier, and not a moment later. So, my advice to anyone who feels behind in life, or not where they want to be at this moment in time, just know you aren’t alone, and that it’s okay to feel those feelings. But most importantly, it’s better to let those feelings go. Focus on what you have right now, for there are blessings surrounding you in every moment. Focus on the love you give to yourself, and the love you spread to others. For that love will help bring empowerment and healing to this world.

I know eventually my dreams will become my reality, but for now, instead of living in a comparative mindset, I choose to live in a grateful mindset. Knowing each step to living my dream is a teacher, a healer, and a grower.

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