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There are defining moments in everyone’s life.

One of the most pivotal moments in someone’s life is when they hit rock bottom. They feel hopeless and fearful and not good enough for the life they were given. The lies inside their mind tell them that they aren’t worthy of saving, that they are just a waste of space and nobody would even notice if they were gone from this Earth. Rock bottom is the moment when someone loses faith in themselves and feels completely shattered and irreparable. Each person experiences a moment of rock bottom at some point in his or her life. Some people remain in the pit of darkness and fall victim to the lies of unworthiness and hopelessness, while others reach for the light and fight for a better life for themselves. These moments are what challenge us as individuals in our character, growth, strength, and faith. These moments are what make or break a person. To get to a place this dark and hopeless, one usually goes through a tragedy.


In my case, I went through multiple tragedies all at once. Each loss grieved me more and more until I was left completely numb. I lost my health, my loved ones, my job that I loved, my school, and most importantly, I lost myself. I prayed daily for God to take me off the planet. I was confused why my grandmother, who inspired others, was taken instead of me who was sick, bedridden, and not helping anyone. I sank so deep into this dark mindset, that it began to steal any sense of joy within me. It took me months of feeling this all encompassing numbness in my life to realize that while I was living in my grief, everything around me was falling apart. When I saw the disappointment on my loved ones faces when I would just stay home instead of go out and live, it shook me to the core. I fell to my knees on the hardwood floor and just sobbed to God to save me from the hole I was in. I was broken, at my worst, and the moment I finished praying, I felt a sense like God had reached down and put His powerful and mighty hand on my body. I felt a sense of peace come over me, washing me anew.


From that day on, God spoke to me with powerful dreams and placed certain people in my pathway who helped lift me up. Each day I found out truths about my life, my relationships, and about me. I not once was angry at God, but I doubted His goodness to me. I believed because I had sunken deep into depression and made mistakes, that I did not deserve to be blessed. Because of this mindset, it chained me to my illnesses and my dark mindset. When I prayed that prayer of desperation and grief, however, the chains were broken and I was beginning to be set free. I knew from that moment on, I would never be the same. I knew that my life would never be the same. I wanted to re-ignite my passion for God that I had growing up. I wanted to heal my life from the inside out. I knew the only way this could happen was if I surrendered all of my mistakes, past, and fears to Him who is able to do the impossible. So, I did. I let go.


My journey started on that cold winter day at the end 2014. The journey of healing my life and transforming the whole of myself; mind, body and spirit. It is now 2017, and to say that my life is completely transformed and restored is an understatement. God took what was broken in my life and rebuilt a stronger, better foundation of roots for me to bear fruit in my life. God answered my prayer to save me from the chains that held me back from what I was created to become. Through this journey, I have found purpose, healing, hope, faith, and love.


This blog is about healing and transforming your life so that you can live how you were created to live. To live at your fullest potential. To live a life that is healed from your past, from your fear, and from your scars. This blog will inspire you, encourage you, help you, and reveal to you the truth of what healing truly is. One must break a bone for it to be placed again and grow stronger than before. We are but merely bones ready to be restored from brokenness. When we are broken and re aligned with our true destiny, then we can heal in the right manner and be positioned for greater strength. When we become broken, and reach out to God, He rebuilds us piece by piece, moment by moment until we are whole again. The healing process is painful and sometimes long, but in the end, it’s the journey, not the destination, that teaches us how to truly live and be free.


So, welcome to my website, where my vulnerability will hopefully encourage your vulnerability to share your stories. I was taken through this healing process so that I could come by your side and fight with you, so you never feel alone or hopeless again. There is a God who loves us and whose will is for us to live a beautiful and fruitful life full of His blessings and love, and the only thing preventing you from experiencing this fullness is yourself. So, take courage, brave soul, for it is time to finally be freed from the oppression of your chains. It is time to live a life beautifully and fully.

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