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Health is the most important area in a person’s life. Health not only includes four overall categories of wellness–emotional, mental, spiritual, and physical. On my 5-year journey to healing, I have found numerous tips, hints, and methods that have helped restore me from the inside out. This post will focus on some of the methods I’ve found to be most useful for physical well being. A few self-care habits that I like to incorporate into my daily, weekly, and monthly routine are Epsom salt baths, daily walks in nature, and incorporating detox/cleanse programs into my life. These are just three of the many self-care habits that I utilize in my healing process. They each have their benefits and can greatly improve one’s life if done regularly.

Epsom Salt Baths

When I was a child, I loved taking baths. I would fill the tub with bubbles and my bath toys, and I would spend a lot of time in there playing and relaxing. I had no idea baths could be so beneficial until I was diagnosed with Lyme Disease. The first thing I learned about having this disease was that during treatment, I needed to detox the dead spirochetes out of my blood after the medicine had drawn them out of my tissues and killed them. So, within the past few years, I have tested out which types of Epsom salt baths were most beneficial to my symptoms and my treatment. I finally came to a resolution of which mixture I would use for maximum benefit. After each bath, my pain leaves and stays gone. I used to get severe spinal pain that mimicked meningitis symptoms. I wouldn’t be able to move my entire body, and the sharp pain would run down my entire spine extending to my arms and legs. Those were some of the most horrifying episodes I have ever experienced the past few years. With Epsom salt baths aiding in my healing, however, those episodes haven’t happened since September 2016. When I am on treatment for any of my diseases, I tend to take 3 Epsom salt baths a week, with days in between to hydrate myself and rest. Epsom salt baths are beneficial to everyone’s health; it is something everyone should incorporate into their weekly routine.

Daily Walks

During the past 7 years, I have had seasons of being bedridden due to my illnesses. I was not be able to go outside and be as active as I was growing up. I used to play competitive tennis daily. I participated in 9-hour tennis training camps every day in the summers, as well as outside conditioning and working out. I did multiple outdoor activities for fun. Becoming inactive was one of the most difficult adjustments I had to make in my life– going from being consistently active, to barely having the strength (or pain tolerance) to get out of my bed or off of the couch. I started strengthening myself by taking daily walks with my dog. When I began to get stronger, I started walking dogs in my community. I still dog walk multiple times a week, but I make a solid effort to incorporate daily walks around my neighborhood for my health. It helps strengthen my body, give me more energy and reduce the pain and inflammation from my diseases. I recommend daily walks for each person because of the numerous health benefits. It not only helps us physically but also mentally and emotionally. Walking helps us clear our minds and have time to meditate on the present moments before us.

Detox and Cleanses 

The very first cleanse I did was in 2014, before I began my Lyme Disease treatment. It was one of the best experiences for my body. I felt stronger and more prepared for my journey that I was about to take with healing. Since then, I have taken products to detox my system. I am currently on two detox products. One binds the toxins from my intestines and draws them out, and the second is a product that binds the toxins from my blood and tissues and draws them out. (Products will be mentioned in a you tube video for further explanation) Since beginning these two detox products, I have felt incredibly better. I have begun to heal and gain my strength back. I have noticed significant changes in my health and less symptoms. Taking these two products have helped improve my quality of life and have contributed to my healing. Everyone should incorporate a detox or cleanse program into their life consistently because our environment and bodies are filled with so many toxins that make us sick. It is quite beneficial to know what you put in your body and how you put it in your body. There is a healthy way of detoxing your body from treatments, medicines, toxins, and waste. Taking detox products and doing cleanses are a natural way to improve your health. There are numerous fake supplements and brands that do not work, or are too overwhelming for people with sensitivities, but if you do your research and take time to learn about the detox process, then you will be rewarded with a stronger immune system and health.

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