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New Month Reflections

As this new month begins, and the end of a year comes to an end, I have been experiencing much introspection. With each year that passes, my life is constantly changing and shifting all around me. Especially within me. As my life shifts, I shift to higher levels of growth, maturity, and health. 

I believe this happens through all of us, if we allow ourselves the space to shift, to grow, to heal, to become closer to the person we are destined to become. 

This year so much has happened in my mind and heart. God has been working through me constantly. I have been faced with so many challenging decisions that contribute fully to who I am becoming, and where I am going. Change seems to be the only constant in my life. When I become settled, and think everything is finally okay, something major happens and I am faced with more choices, more opportunities to grow and develop better emotionally, mentally, and spiritually. I’ve been battling a consistent opposition and for some reason, it keeps trying to grasp me into its stubborn grip. It’s been a real challenge for me mentally, as I have allowed it to discourage me and prevent me from taking charge of the tasks, I know I need to pursue. It’s left me questioning certain aspects of my life and certain things about myself even. And even though it is so scary facing this particular opposition right now, all I can do, (all I choose to do) is trust God. Trust that He is in control and no matter the outcome, it is ultimately for setting me up to walk in my destiny. 

See, with me, I reflect on everything. I see everything as connected, purposeful, and advantageous to where I am going. Whether it be a negative or positive situation I am facing. And because of this, my mentality is what will be most heavily attacked. Because as we know, if we have a weaker mindset, it can derail us into making the not so ideal choices for ourselves. And that is what the opposition wants to succeed in. We will always be faced with opposition, challenge, heartache, grief, discouragement, and all of those negatives, but it’s truly how we fight back that will determine the outcome. It’s in the choosing to fight back that will determine the setback or comeback. 

I walk into this last month of 2019 facing some pretty major giants that look impossible to fight. But, even so, I feel peace. I finally feel peace. The first battle I faced with this particular situation, I was overcome in fear, worry, anxiety, and then when I began to just let that go, and believe God’s got me, he moved. He moved the situation into my favor. But now the same situation is happening again, and instead of letting panic, fear, grief overwhelm me, I am choosing peace. I am choosing trust. I am choosing faith that no matter how this year closes out, God’s got me. Everything will align how it’s supposed to align. And because of this, I can now step into the better mentality to face it daily. I can now step into who God has created me to be and shine the light into the situation. If there’s one thing I’ve learned this year, it’s no matter what is happening around me, God is working in me, and making a way behind the scenes for his blessing and purpose to unfold. 

So, as I have been facing some bizarre situations that are out of my control, I have been set forth on a path to inward reflection. Learning that what manifests outside of me can be influenced by what’s inside of me. Through different situations I’ve experienced this year, I have witnessed through my choices, reactions, behaviors, and thought wars, that there is indeed much more work to be done within me. I am in the waiting room to my destiny, being prepared by God mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually. There are lessons I am learning and that need to be learned in order to fully bring glory to God in my life and projects, and assignments. 

When life becomes overwhelming to me in the past, I have in a sense shut down, put up walls, and allowed myself to just run to find my peace. But maybe just maybe I am being taught to remain, and not run. To remain in the painful, awkward situations, and truly listen to God’s voice, and my own voice, in order to determine next steps. I didn’t run from getting sick. I fought head on, whole heartedly, knowing very well it was an impossible battle. But even so, I still fought with everything I had, because I had an unwavering trust and faith that God’s love for me was stronger than the opposition. And in return, God blessed me by taking away the biggest opposition-Lyme Disease. God is showing me with other situations and areas of my life, that I need to do the same. Have the same warrior heart and mindset to go after the opposition. It’s spiritual warfare. It’s a warrior’s mentality that I need to become victorious over the most impossible situations. It has everything to do with our mentality, our perspective, our faith, our trust, our belief. It has nothing to do with our ability, but rather everything to do with God’s ability to overcome. 

So, with learning that in different seasons of my life, I am being reminded to once again step into that power and believe that 2019 will end in victory. 

Right now, there are no open doors that I see in this current situation I am facing. But just because I cannot see it now, doesn’t mean it isn’t going to happen. The necessary key to opening these doors of opportunity and destiny is belief. 

December is the last month of the year. It’s the last chance to tie up loose ends, make changes, accomplish goals and much more. It’s 31 days of opportunities to grow, strengthen, overcome, and become. 

So, rather than looking at it with lack mindset of, “oh I only have 31 days left, that’s not enough time..” let’s look at it with oh, that’s exactly the amount of time we need to be where we need to be, to finish this year strong, and begin 2020 in victory. 

God is magnificent, and so are you. 

Don’t ever forget whose you are and who you are. 

This is your month to shine and not let where you are right now determine your brightness. 

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