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My belief about soulmates





Growing up, I was a Disney fanatic. Believing in that perfect fairytale love story where my soulmate was my prince charming. Throughout the years, and numerous dating experiences, I began to expand my awareness to what a soulmate is to me. Throughout my life, I have crossed paths with specific people who I instantly have a deeper connection with. It’s something different and special and each experience with each special connection is filled with an immense amount of growth and sometimes even pain. I quickly realized that there are different connections that we make in different stages of our lives. But the soulmate connections stand out significantly. Even after some of them left my life, I still carried an unconditional love for them, and still do. I then began to realize what if we had multiple soulmates? Not just defined in the romantic aspect, but in every type of relationship aspect. There are just some souls who when you meet, it feels like everything aligns and your life is never the same again. I have felt this about a select few friends, family members, and a couple guys. But what I want to focus on is not the fairytale romance story, but rather the connections that are deeper in our souls with the people who are divinely placed on our pathways to become closer to the person we were designed to become. For instance, I had 3 best friends in High School who were like sisters to me, but one stood out. One was a bond so close and so strong that it created many ripple effects. And years after not speaking, we crossed paths again, and it instantly felt the same, even after certain traumas happened between us. I truly believe she is one of my soulmates in this lifetime. It’s hard to describe and explain, but there are just bonds that even when thoughtfully “broken,” they really never are broken. After HS, there were 3 souls I connected and even reconnected with and instantly it was life changing. They are 3 of my best friends now. I couldn’t imagine my life without them and the connection we have is unbreakable and so powerful. The atmosphere shifts when we come together and become our highest versions of ourselves. I was discussing this with one of those three today, and I just feel so incredibly thankful for these special connections I have been given in this lifetime. And even this year, I have had so many amazing souls come into my life who I feel a deeper connection with that I do consider them also soulmates.

I don’t believe a soulmate has to be a romantic tie, but rather another soul who comes along your pathway and walks with you and helps you grow into the best version of yourself, and who reminds you of who you are when you forget. I believe one can have numerous soulmates, it’s just a matter of meeting them. The more I learn about relationships, connections, and myself, the more I believe this to be true. I believe if we begin to walk the journey of self discovery, our soulmates will come into our lives. Because that is what has been happening to me. The more I dive deeper into healing my mind, body, and spirit, and accepting all parts of me and learning about all parts of me, those special souls have walked in, and immediately we are connected in some way or another that aligns with the growth, and healing patterns that I am currently working on and becoming aware of. It’s fascinating. So, I challenge you to become aware of every relationship, friendship, family relationship, professional relationship you have in your life and truly dissect each one and become aware of how your spirit feels when you are with each soul. You will be lifted higher, by being challenged, and exposed to your triggers, fears, insecurities, wounds, etc. You will be given the specific tools you need to overcome those challenges. Comment below what you believe about soulmates?

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  • Mark says:

    I always wondered about that, what if we had more than one soul mate!? I love your take on it! Great post Taylor!

    • admin says:

      Right? I believe we have multiple types of soulmates-friends, family members and then the romantic connections as well. Thank you Mark for your support and reading my post! 🙂

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