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My journey to becoming a doctor has not been an easy one. It has challenged me mentally, emotionally, spiritually, physically, and academically. I became sick in 2012 and was at the point in college where I was about to transfer to a State University. I ended up delaying one year because of my pancreas failing and becoming a Type One Diabetic at the age of 21. When I finally decided to transfer to a State School it was Cal State Northridge, in Los Angeles.

While attending CSUN, I became sicker and spent most of my fall semester in the hospital. Needless to say, I had to move back to San Diego and defer working on my Bachelor’s for yet another year while I received Lyme treatment. It was during Lyme treatment that I realized attending a school on campus would be nearly impossible for me to succeed at due to being on full time treatment and so sick.

My friend had told me about ASU online and I immediately fell in love with everything they had to offer. I didn’t second guess the decision to enroll, not once. I was previously marked as a Psychology major, but when I enrolled into ASU, I knew I needed to change into Integrative Health. This was the major that I was living in my daily life. Meaning, parts of my treatment protocols included CAM therapies that Integrative Health had brought healing to my life. I knew this major would also introduce the pre-med requisites that I needed to apply to medical school.

While attending ASU online, I began to heal and go into remission from Lyme. I then enrolled in Medical Assisting school to become a certified Medical Assistant to begin working in the medical field. I knew being a patient in the medical field sparked my passion for healing and that I belonged in the medical field for my career.

While attending MA school, I was also attending the College of Nursing and Health Innovations Integrative Health Department at ASU online. It was rigorous doing two school programs at once, but I felt I needed to catch up in lost time. I graduated and became nationally certified as a Medical Assistant and began working full time this year. I have loved every moment of it and have learned an immense amount of information to apply to my future career.

I am currently still working on my Bachelor’s in Integrative health through ASU online and find it to be parallel to the life I am living. I will be taking on campus medical school requirement labs at a local community college soon, while I finish my Bachelor’s through ASU. I work at a Naturopathic Doctor’s office in San Diego and find most of my classes pertain to what I am experiencing in my career.

Before enrolling into ASU online, I had taken classes online at my community college and loved it. I approached online school with an open mind and found it to be the right fit for myself and my chronic illnesses. While learning how to heal my diseases, I came across Integrative medicine and did not have any previous knowledge of the practice. It wasn’t until I became sick and researched medicine and healing, that I discovered what Integrative medicine is about.

Integrative health brought healing to my life and I am determined to bring healing to other’s lives as a future doctor in Integrative Health. For those who love healing, medicine, and different cultures healing practices, I suggest taking Integrative Health as your major. It truly is life inspiring and changing. Just because the practice is not mainstream in America, does not mean it is not greatly used around the world. There is much to learn from Integrative medicine, and much to teach others about. I have found that online school has helped me attain a job, be able to work from doctor’s IV appointments, study for the MCAT and create my own schedule to finish my assignments. It has provided me the flexibility to work at a better-timed space for my current situation. What has helped me succeed is staying organized, focused, and responsible with my time management and stress management.

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