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Ever since I was a young girl, I have always been more sensitive to my own feelings and the feelings of others. It’s been a journey in learning how to have boundaries with those sensitive feelings, as well as with reactions to those feelings. It’s a beautiful thing to be empathetic. It helps me truly connect to others in a deeper way. They may not know this, but I immediately know when something is off inside of them. It’s a gift of feeling the energy around them. And it’s also a gift to know how to comfort and encourage them, because I can in a sense feel what they are feeling. Each person needs different things, but everyone needs love. I believe the gift of empathy is a way to express love to the world around us. To animals, to humans, and to ourselves.

To those who have not tapped into their empathetic side, here are some tips from a deeply sensitive empath to hopefully encourage you to shift your perspective on those around you and what they may be going through.


  • Be present when you are engaging with other people. Turn your focus onto the person you are speaking to. Observe body language and in between gestures. Notice the mood, the tone of how they are speaking. Dig deeper into asking them questions about how they are feeling and what they are currently experiencing. Intentionally listen. Be fully engaged with their human experience in those present moments.
  • Once you tap into the emotions of the person you are speaking with, shift your perspective inward and meditate on the feeling and how you can relate to that person’s experience. Once you tap into feeling what they are feeling, you can then connect deeper with them.
  • By feeling what the other person is feeling, and imagining, and experiencing, you can then act in a way that would be compassionate, kind, gracious, and patient with that person. Knowing that if you were feeling what they are currently feeling, you would need love and grace. Encourage the person with positive affirming words, and even physical touch gestures.


There’s so much more one can do to become more empathetic, but this is basic empath knowledge on connecting with the feelings of those around us. Learning to see the world and the humans living in it, in a deeper and much more humanistic way, grows our empathy and connects us as spiritual beings.

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