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Through my life I have experienced numerous tragedies and heartbreaks.
Each one has stripped me of my previous version of myself, and forced me to turn inward to find the strength within to overcome adversity and grow.
With each season that has passed in my life, I have dedicated myself to consistently bettering myself to become the best version of myself.
Ever since I was a young girl, my mother and grandmother always told me that I was created for a special purpose.
With this foundational belief, I made it my passion to be more and do more in my life.
It wasn’t until I became sick and fighting for my life in 2012, that I realized God had spared my life and revealed a new direction for my future.
With being diagnosed with multiple diseases at once, I learned how to become my own health advocate. I researched everything, taught myself how to read my labs and what I needed to do to heal myself. It was in my desire to heal my diseases, that sparked my passion to want to heal others.
Having this new found wisdom and knowledge of healing, I felt drawn to help anyone I could that was suffering.
So, I created a platform on Instagram to help others going through illness, find the strength to know they are not alone and there is hope to healing.
This led me to switch majors and pursue pre-med studies while finishing up my treatment.
When I went into remission from Lyme Disease in 2017, I enrolled in Medical Assisting school and graduated with a new job in the medical field, working for a doctor.
I am currently still finishing my degree, but these are just achievements to get me to where I want to be. Medical School, learning to become the best doctor/healer that I can be.
What I want to be known for in my life is the way I loved others. The way I brought healing to their lives with the grace, hope, faith, kindness, empathy, compassion, and love that would shine through my actions and words.
I want to be known as someone who no matter what was handed to her, was courageous and strong.
That her life was her message of love.
I am someone who desires to change people’s lives and help bring healing to their suffering and pain.
I chose my word of intent to be, “healer,” so that whenever I am going through a darker season in life, I can look down at the bracelet, and remember why I am here on this earth.
That no matter what life brings me, I am here, making a difference in this world.
That my destiny and calling is more powerful than any obstacle or adversity.
That I am meant to be here.
That my existence makes life a little bit better.
Being a healer is more than a passion and purpose, it’s who I am.
And this is how I want to be remembered.

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