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Something I’ve been reminded of during this chapter in my life is that God uses every season of our lives, not one is a waste of time. The good seasons, the bad seasons, the sad seasons, the blessed seasons, the miraculous seasons, the waiting seasons, and the breakthrough seasons. He uses them all for the good of his will and our purposes and callings. Each season he prunes us and grows us with different people, circumstances, and God encounters, if we are open to receiving what he has in store for us. In seasons where it feels like you are stagnant, don’t feel hopeless or frustrated, but rather feel gratitude, for even waiting can spark growth within us.

This summer, I have been going through a season of transition. It has caused me to pursue with a passionate heart the healing for my broken heart. Pain was brought into my life, but even so, it has also brought incredible breakthrough and growth within me. I’ve had to learn to shift my mindset from what I lost to what God has in store for me, which is so difficult to do, when your heart is hurting. In the pursuit of healing and deeper spiritual growth, I have been given insights into God’s heart for me and my life. The past year I imagined my life to be a specific way, but when that door closed, I was left with the choice to either stand and stare at that closed door, or redirect my path to where God was leading me. It’s challenging to reconstruct a vision for your life, especially if there are things that you want but cannot have. But even so, I learned that because of my pain, I was only looking at the picture of what was in front of me, not the bigger picture. It’s hard for us humans to see the bigger picture because we are not all-knowing. But I was reminded that God is all knowing, and he loves me. He wants his very best for my life. I may want something now, but God may have a different plan for something even better later on, and if I stay stuck in the loss of now, I won’t be able to be open to receive what he has waiting for me. God is the God of the impossible.

He can turn any loss into something beautiful and better. We need only to be still, and let go and let Him steer us toward the way. And during these times of being redirected, God is using these seasons for better growth and relation with him and with others. God never promised us no pain during our lives, but he promised us his abundance of love and healing and strength to overcome the tougher seasons. During this season of transition into my destiny, I am learning to pray more for those around me and even the ones who aren’t around me anymore. I am learning to accept my feelings and experience them with full vulnerability. I am learning to step outside my comfort zone and be open to the good things that life has to offer. And through this learning and growing, God is at work behind the scenes. He is not only working in my heart, he is working in others, and preparing doors to be opened for me when the time is ready, and when I am ready. If he blessed me with the glorious things now, I wouldn’t be able to handle them, he needs to grow me deeper in my spirituality and emotional strength before I will be equipped to accept and experience the fullness of joy that he is about to bring into my life. So, with that said, this season may be a season that I never wanted to begin with, but it’s ending up being the season that I needed to get me to the next season. God is writing a beautiful story for my life and every chapter is purposeful and necessary. And even though most people may be brought into our lives for only certain seasons, God also can bring them into our lives for other seasons. Nothing is impossible. But only God knows what’s best, and I know with time, it will be revealed if certain people are supposed to be in our lives for more seasons. But for now, I am grateful for all the seasons I had up to this point. For each one was necessary to get me to where I am today, and will never be forgotten, but rather forever cherished.

In conclusion, view every season in your life as an opportunity to better yourself, and have gratitude always. Just because there are roadblocks on your path, doesn’t mean they weren’t put there for a purpose to redirect you to a better path. Be patient with time, yourself and your healing. You only have one life, make it the best one that you live. Soak in each day with the fullness of joy that good things are in store for you.


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