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Creating the life that will make you the happiest


At the beginning of this year I reflected on 2018 and all of the things I wanted to change in my life. I really focused on realigning myself with what brought me the most joy out of my life. On my list here were a few things that I envisioned in my perfect day that I wanted to live out:

-Live on the beach with my dog, Charlie

-Being able to go to the beach every day

-Farmer’s markets galore

-Cultivating groups of friends who love doing the things I love to do

-Pursuing my healing through different modalities such as therapy, breathwork, yoga and more.

-Surfing and recreating a new relationship and perspective with the ocean (where I do not fear it)

-Working at a job that feels fulfilling and energy fueling


And needless to say, every single one of these has been accomplished. I am living most of my dream life goals. The rest are yet to be fulfilled, but are in the process, which is incredible. I never thought my life would change this drastically in one year. Every aspect of my life is completely different, and I feel so aligned with where I am supposed to be. The coolest part is every single person that has come on my path this year has connected with me in a deeper way. I’ve never experienced this much alignment and for so long I think I was unconsciously rejecting these blessings due to the way I view myself and what I deserve. And once I began doing affirmations, working on my confidence, self-worth, perspective, and core wounds and false beliefs within me, I noticed that barrier being lifted. And I know it will only continue to do that. Steps I recommend for designing the life you want:



  • Write a list of different life sections to you such as: emotional, spiritual, mental, physical, health, academic, work, finances, relationships, etc. And write small attainable goals you have under each category. Then stick the list somewhere where you can be reminded of the vision you want your life to look like.
  • Have confidence that you deserve the dream life you have always wanted. Have confidence and faith that it is going to happen.
  • Don’t be afraid to make choices based on your vision. Don’t be afraid to say no to things that don’t align with your goals.
  • Don’t feel guilty for choosing your happiness over something “logical.” Because in the end what makes you the happiest, is the most logical solution.
  • Be open to what comes along your path and embrace new opportunities and new people.

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