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Crazy typing that title. To think I have had Type 1 Diabetes for 7 years. Yesterday, July 11, 2019, marks my Diaversary of 7 years. It’s unbelievable. I was supposed to die, 7 years ago yesterday. But I am alive and my Diabetes is managed. Losing my pancreas after 21 years of life, was traumatic. When it was happening, all I could focus on was what I needed to do to stay alive and control my blood sugars. I didn’t make time to fully process what actually had happened. It honestly wasn’t until this last year where I’ve finally begun to process everything that has changed in my health. For so long I was living in survival mode that I forgot how to live in thrive mode. So, once things began to calm down and I was healed from Lyme Disease, I had the opportunity to really reflect and dig deeper into the depths of what has happened these past 7 years. It’s interesting because 7 is a number of jubilee in the Bible. A number of freedom. And after 7 years of suffering, I am beginning to experience freedom in all areas of my life. It has been an adjustment and I am still learning how to fully accept what was, what happened, and what is. It just amazes me that I am still alive 7 years after being on my death bed. It was the best gift I could have received, because ever since, I have viewed life differently. I have become more passionately driven to align myself with my destiny and God calling. I know God kept me alive for a purpose, and I want to live that purpose out. It’s interesting how near death experiences can really shake a person’s way of living up, and set them on a path that is far better than the one previously. Even though I am thankful for this special journey of healing and growing these past 7 years, I can honestly say, I do hate the disease of Diabetes. I have a few autoimmune diseases and I think the one I would immediately give back is Diabetes, if I had a choice. Because even though my blood sugars are controlled, not always are they, because of external factors out of my control. Diabetes is influenced by every little thing, stress, travel, work, temperature, diet, illness, exercise, etc. It really is a cross to carry in this life, and I didn’t truly understand that until I had to carry it. I guess the point of this blog is really to express to you how bizarre it is that I am still alive after 7 years of intense physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual battles. It’s crazy, but it is incredible to reflect on. To compare where I was 7 years ago, to where I am now. I never thought I would be living this life, with this disease, let alone any diseases. But I am. I am living. I am surviving. And I am thriving. And for that, I am so thankful to be alive.

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