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4 Ways God communicates with us




I began my spiritual journey when I was five years old. I grew up in a Christian home, going to a private Christian school where I was able to learn more about the love of Jesus Christ. Throughout my life I experienced God encounters where I would specifically pray for something and God would move powerfully in my life, where it would shift my perspective and grow me. Growing up I never understood what it meant to communicate and hear from God, until I encountered him in these powerful moments. I learned that each person’s spiritual journey is very individualized and unique to their human experience. I find this beautiful and inspiring. I also found that the way God speaks to me, may not always be the way he speaks to someone else. But I found a very common thread of the creative ways God does speak to us and answer our prayers through the experiences of those around me, as well as my own experience. When we pray to God, he hears us. And he always answers us: yes, no, and wait. Sometimes there are seasons in our lives where we feel God is distant and we can’t hear anything from him, like a stalemate, just waiting for him to answer. These are the times where one needs to truly re-evaluate everything in one’s life, and deeply reflect on how one is phrasing the prayers. I’ve learned the more specific with God, the more clarity you will receive. I’ve also learned that moving from a need-based prayer, to a more faith affirming prayer is what produces miracles and shifts in one’s mind, body, spirit, and life. When I pray to God for a specific request, I make sure I am approaching God in the most honoring way, seeking that my prayers result in glorifying him. This helps me gain kingdom perspective, which then helps me be open to receive clarity and guidance from God. When I receive answers to my prayers, the way I receive them is through nature, writing, through other people, and my dreams. Depending on our individualized journey with our creator, that is how we will receive messages from him. Through our gifts, our places of peace and total surrender to him. The important question to ask yourself is; where and what in this life brings you to total surrender and peace? Is it through surfing, floating in water, singing, painting, being in the presence of certain individuals, hiking, etc.? Where do you feel most open to receive what God has in store for you?

These are the ways in which I receive messages from God.



When I completely surrender my to do list, my thoughts, my stressors to just focusing on embracing peace in nature settings, I am more receptive to accept and receive what I need to receive. Something I try and do daily is sit on the beach and listen to the waves and quiet my thoughts. And when I do this, I notice different thoughts come into my mind, thoughts that flow through me, as though it is accessing a transcript directly from God. When I was in Oregon and Washington just walking through the woods, I looked up and just felt the presence of God around me. I knew seeing something so majestic all around me was the inspiration I needed to tap into my communication pathways to God. I knew what thoughts came into my mind during those peaceful moments, were thoughts not of me, but of my creator. And I know this to be so, because when we receive messages from God, they will always bring you peace and comfort and inspiration and motivation, not stress, not anxiety, not confusion, but rather confidence.



An outlet for me to express myself as well as release my emotions inside of me is through writing. I feel writing is a gift God gave me to further share his messages to others. I know this because when I write my posts, my blogs, I pray beforehand for God to use me as a tool of light and love for others’ healing. Sometimes God puts a person on my mind for a day and it’s a nagging feeling to write them a message. And when I do, they tend to be words that the person needs to hear. It’s divine and inspiring, and it makes my soul feel alive with purpose. I believe God uses our gifts to share his love and light to others. And sometimes his messages to us can be expressed through out gifts.



There have been a number of experiences where there has been something, I’ve prayed clarity over, or guidance, and God brings a stranger, a loved one, or even someone in the media to deliver the wisdom and guidance to me. It is so bizarre to think that God lays these messages on our hearts to share with others in their times of need. I feel more connected to the beautiful souls of this world when this happens. And it fuels my passion to help others as well. I believe every single person we encounter in our lives is meant to cross our paths. I believe we can learn something from each experience with another person, to help aid in our growth.



I track my dreams at night in a journal and looking back at them has revealed to me so many events that have taken place, answers that I have sought, and messages that I needed to hear to take action on. There have been so many dreams that were so powerful and impactful on my human experience, that I know this is a way God communicates with me through.



No matter what you are feeling, know God hears every prayer of yours. Just make sure you are open to receiving the answers through different ways at different times. Be in tune with your spirituality and with the deeper parts this life has to offer. Being in tune with your spiritual side helps you realize there is more to your life than the mere human limitations. Anything is possible, if you just are open and believe.

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