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27 Lessons I’ve learned in 27 years


  1. God is good
  2. Prayer is powerful and produces miracles
  3. Forgiveness sets you free
  4. God’s best for your life will come. Just be patient.
  5. Your circumstance does not define who you are.
  6. Relationships with people is the only thing important in this life.
  7. Love is the answer to everything. Unconditional, non-judgmental love.
  8. God is bigger than any circumstance you face in this life.
  9. Your body tells you what it needs, you just need to listen.
  10. You can let go of your past and move forward in full healing.
  11. The end of something is always the beginning of something better.
  12. Not every person has pure intentions. Listen to your intuition.
  13. People will try and change you to be who they want you to be. Don’t let them.
  14. Nice guy syndrome is a real thing. Learn the signs. Run fast if faced with it.
  15. No matter how painful and heart wrenching, you must stay true to yourself.
  16. Your painful experience can help someone else overcome their pain.
  17. The only thing consistent in this life is change.
  18. When you feel called to do something, chances are it’s a part of your destiny.
  19. You were created with a purpose.
  20. Don’t be afraid to love because of past brokenness. Chances are the next love will be life changing for the better.
  21. Negativity feeds disease. But positivity relinquishes it.
  22. If the person wants to be in your life, they will be. Nothing will prevent them from doing so. Don’t chase anyone who doesn’t want to give you the time of day.
  23. The little moments are what make a lifetime of happiness.
  24. Don’t be the girl guys go to just when they are lonely, chances are you won’t be the girl they go to when they aren’t.
  25. If they walk out of your life, let them. They served their purpose. Better ones will come along soon.
  26. You have the strength, the tools, and the courage inside of you, to face what this life throws at you.
  27. It’s never too late to create the life you want to live.

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