My Journey

Sharing my story in order to help you share yours

It was during this battle she became completely broken, only then did she learn how to pick herself up and continue fighting like a warrior for her health and her life.

This is where she discovered her purpose, reclaimed her power, and developed the tools necessary to heal her mind, body, and spirit, and eventually transform her life and those around her. She developed a passion for healing and medicine and earned her Integrative Health Coaching Certificate through Institute for Integrative Nutrition, and earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Integrative Medicine through Arizona State University Online, while in treatment for Lyme. Taylor went into remission from Lyme disease and co-infections in 2017 and began her career in the medical field to pursue her dream of becoming a doctor and helping those who also were battling the war of Lyme Disease and other chronic illnesses.

She attended Medical Assisting School and became nationally certified. Her passion and education led her to work with numerous brilliant physicians and healthcare practitioners in private practice and hospitals. Her experience in numerous specialities including; Naturopathic Medicine, Podiatry, Integrative Cardiology, Functional Medicine-Primary Care, Oncology and Autoimmune, Dermatology, Neurology, Vein and Vascular Surgery, and Diabetic and Autonomic research aided in helping thousands of patients. 

She became a successful social media influencer being published in different platforms and being featured in the Covid Survivor Diaries Documentary. While sharing her story online with thousands of other chronic illness patients, she realized there is more for her to contribute and offer.

She was on the track to apply for medical school when the pandemic hit in 2020 causing her to develop a severe case of COVID in March. After 70 days of fighting for her life, using the tools she learned previously, she overcame that war and set foot on another one. During this time her health declined rapidly again while working at a hospital during the pandemic.

Once again, she searched for answers as to why she lost her health. She came out of remission from Lyme Disease and Bartonella and Rocky Mountain Spotted Fever. She has been in treatment for Lyme and co-infections since February 2022, and is determined to go back into remission and help others do so. During this fight back to remission, she is also battling flare ups with all her autoimmune diseases due to COVID. But since 2020, she has managed to decrease her flares and is slowly bringing her health back.

It is her passion and calling to help others on their healing journeys not feel alone, but feel understood, heard, valued, and empowered. 

Through this process of transformation, I was led to the right doctors who knew which tests to run to find the answers to my puzzle of a body. With each diagnosis, it was a sigh of relief, another piece to the puzzle put into place. I was diagnosed with multiple autoimmune diseases that had began after I got bit by the tick. These diseases are life-long and it has been difficult learning to manage them all, but I have been able to come to the conclusion through this process that these are only diagnoses; these diseases are not my identity. I may have been very sick the past 16 years, but God is healing me every day. From being bed ridden to in remission is a miracle. From battling two cases of severe COVID and surviving despite the statistics. Both God and I have worked insanely hard on turning my life from brokenness into a light of hope. Healing one’s mind, body and spirit is vital to one’s happiness and soul satisfaction. God has set me free from the chains that once held me captive. I created this website in hopes that I could share everything that I have learned throughout this healing process.

One important lesson I have learned is that just because we as humans experience some type of suffering, it does not mean our life ends, it does not mean our dreams are shattered, and it does not mean we will not be used for a more impactful life.

“Not only so, but we know that suffering produces perseverance; perseverance, character; and character, hope. And hope does not put us to shame, because God’s love has been poured out into our hearts through the Holy Spirit, who has been given to us.”-Romans 5:3-5

Because of this truth, and the passion for the pursuit of a deeper relationship with God, it has transformed my mind, body, spirit and life.

Now that I am stronger mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually, God has opened doors for me to pursue my dreams of creating a place where my story and my purpose align into an impactful footprint.

With each of these accomplishments and milestones being fulfilled in my life, I am overjoyed to know that, what once was impossible and out of reach, is now within reach and completely possible because of God.

Each portion of suffering I experienced the past 16 years, has been completely redeemed and restored by God.

My relationships are thriving with my friends, family and myself. I overcame depression and now feel constant joy and delight. And I have become an instrument of God’s beautiful love to show the world that with a little faith, hope and trust, one can experience a life of healing and freedom from suffering.

There is hope in hopelessness, light in darkness, and faith in suffering. Know this, that we are never alone, that there is a God who loves us and wants to heal us, that it is never too late to transform your life, and that healing is possible, even when it feels impossible.

So, I invite you to come join me in transforming our hearts, minds, and bodies to be wholesome and bloomed!